1341722 300 is a new technology and computing focussed website with a dash of coffee news founded (needs date) by Will Smith and Norman Chan from former Maximum PC fame as part of the Whiskey Media network.



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A big part of is it's weekly podcast named "This Is Only A Test " which discusses the week's events and news and more often then not some completely unrelated topics. Podcasts featuring Will Smith, Norman Chan, Gary Whitta, and Ana Hurka-Robles are refered to with the acronym "WANGcast".

Oddly enough the penis jargon does not end there because Tested users are affectionately called "Testes".

Apps of the Week/day

During apps of the week/day the Tested crew show of the latest games/apps for the various smartphone platform.


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Tested: The Show

Debuted august 5th 2011 Tested: The Show is a 15 minute video segment that treats a particular subject.


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Like the other Whiskey Media site the moderation team is a group of people hand picked by the staff (and the current moderators) that look after the site on a voluntary basis.