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Matt Braga is one of 's editorial freelancers. He regularly appears on This Is Only A Test and for about a month appeared in Tested videos.

As the Canadian correspondent, he is often the "Butte" of terrible, simply awful, Canada stereotype jokes.

However in a cross cultural trivia competition with Norman Chan, Matt Braga snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by not answering that Tested is the best place to work.


The Canadian Mirrored Fun House Incident

Matt was scientifically determined to be the single nicest looking guy on the North American continent. He is often described as "affable" and has the power to turn straight men into homosexuals within an average of 7 seconds. Matt discovered his own peculiar suesceptibility to this latter trait while visiting a carnival somewhere north of the US-Canadian border. Approximately one minute after entereing a mirrored fun house, Matt erupted into an erogenous cloud (pictured). The cloud expanded faster than the speed of sound, which shattered the mirrors, ruptured several ear drums, and dissolved 90% of shirts within a 50-ft radius. Matt required several hours of coagulation to return to his previous state.

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