Coffee is made by mixing roasted, ground coffee beans with water, extracting the soul of the coffee, and then separating the souless grinds from the soulful liquid. The solids are diposed, and the liquid is ingested. The spirit of the coffee enjoys its time in the new host for a short while before metabolizing and turning into wretched urine or explosive gas.

There is a dedicated page on for Coffee Videos, in which exotic coffee preperation techniques are demonstrated and evaluated.

Complicated Contraption MethodsEdit


This is a Senseo, it makes coffee.

And very differently than all those old methods this one is easy; let me describe:


Looks sexy right

  1. Put some wather in the container.
  2. Plug in the wire thingy.
  3. Put a pad in the pad holder.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Get your mug under there.
  6. Push the mug button.
  7. Wait.
  8. Drink.

Ps. Did I already mention it comes in nice bright colors and even with patterns?